School Response to Shootings, what Liberals Are Teaching Kids and Telling Parents

August 25, 2016

My friend, a gifted and intellectual writer, a former police officer, and now retired high school teacher wrote this feature for the periodic newsletter of the Western Missouri Shooters Alliance (WMSA).  If you are a client of mine and follow my website, you likely know that I have long been a proponent of hardening the soft targets that our public schools and churches present. This brings it home.  – Dick Hime, Raymore Outdoor Sports LLC

Written up to level 3, (there is no 4), of the termination process 13 May 2015, and on double un-secret probation, I went to work this past year with the threat of termination hanging over my head every single day. I was a model prisoner finally making it to the front gates that swung open 23 May, 2016 allowing me walk out a free man. Insults and injuries continued even during the span of my final year.

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