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September 25, 2018

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Our Experience

Raymore Outdoor Sports was founded in 1980 by Dick Hime as a sole proprietorship under the trade name of RAH Weapons Specialist.  Raymore is a suburban community in west central Missouri.  Mr. Hime’s experience as a combat infantryman and local law enforcement officer led him to create a business that would provide personalized service to sportsmen, law enforcement, and responsible private citizens desiring to acquire firearms and accessories.

As the product and service lines expanded in the early 80’s, the company name was changed to Raymore Outdoor Sports.  The business began providing products not only for law enforcement and personal defense but also for hunting, camping, hiking, and recreational aviation.

The business holds a Type 01 Federal Firearms Dealer License, an Occupational License from the City of Raymore, a Cass County Business-Merchants License, and a Missouri Retail Sales Tax License.   With the advent of Internet Firearms Auctions, Raymore Outdoor Sports began providing interstate FFL transfer services for non-dealer participants in the auctions including packaging, shipping, insuring, and receiving firearms for interstate commerce.  This continues to be one of our most popular services (see “FFL Transfer Services” page for details).

When the long awaited Missouri Concealed Carry Law was passed in 2003, Mr. Hime, a certified NRA Pistol Instructor, undertook the establishment of Personal Defense and Missouri Concealed Carry Qualification Classes within the business.  Hundreds of graduates have gone on to acquire their Concealed Carry Endorsements through this training.   For Kansas CHL training contact us for recommended instructors.

Non-lethal options should be a part of every personal defense strategy.  The C2 Taser is the most advanced design available to the civilian market.  In 2010, the MACE Pepper Gun was introduced and is the primary OC-type incapacitation device recommended by Raymore Outdoor Sports for civilian use.

In 2007, R.O.S. added a “private” on-site, seven-yard, single-lane, indoor pistol qualification range for the exclusive use of our students on the range qualification portion of their CCW endorsements.  This range is not a commercial, public range but is available by appointment for limited use by established customers of Raymore Outdoor Sports.

Although we are not attorneys and do not offer legal advice, we are very well versed in firearms law and willing to discuss the myriad state and federal statutes with any of our valued clients. Today, Raymore Outdoor Sports is still owned and operated by its founder and continues to provide personalized service to all of our customers.