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1) God is the one in charge, but don’t expect Him to just do everything for you. He gave you a brain and muscles for a reason.

2) Pray daily.

3) Showing Christ’s love does not mean you have to accept as “OK” every behavior of every person. It just means that you have to treat everyone with respect and compassion.

4) You will be a better witness by example than by Bible-thumping.

5) God doesn’t care if you are Baptist, Catholic, Episcopalian, or whatever. He cares about how well you follow His directions.

6) When you talk to God, remember to read your Bible. Thats how He speaks to you.

7) God doesn’t expect you to walk on water. He just wants you to get out of the boat.
8) Don’t ask God to do difficult things FOR you, ask Him to help you
find the strength to do difficult things for yourself.

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