Missouri Concealed Carry Qualification Training

These classes are scheduled at your convenience. Please call and talk to us about your requirements. Class size is one to six people. See the fee schedule below. If you have more than six persons in your group, the group will be scheduled into separate classes. The state minimum requirement is an 8-hour class. We find this is insufficient time to provide you with ALL the information you should have to be a safe, legal, and responsible concealed carry operator.

Our class requires 9 to 9.5 hours to complete. Therefore, we suggest breaking the class into two (or more) sessions. Many who work during the day find this convenient as we can schedule evenings and some weekend classes. Of course, daytime weekday classes are preferred but we understand those are hard for most people to schedule. Our classes are fitted for all experience levels – from people who have never touched a firearm to retired and former law enforcement and military personnel.

We keep it interesting and educational for everyone. We love teaching classes of entire families and work associates. You won’t be overwhelmed or bored.

Mo CCW Class Fees

Class Size




4 to 6

Fee Per Person





We offer a 10% discount to active duty and retired fire/ police/EMS, all US Military Veterans honorably discharged, active professional educators (teachers and administrators), and clergy.
(ID or DD214 required).