If you incorporate firearms into your sporting or personal and family security plans and you have

children, it is one of the basic firearm ownership safety rules, and absolutely imperative, that firearms

be kept inaccessible to unauthorized persons at all times. But at the same time, it is healthy to ensure

that your children do not acquire from you, or outside influences such as media and schools, an

unfortunate and unfounded fear of firearms. Small children, of course, should be instructed to never

touch a firearm and to advise an adult if they ever come across one. But as the children mature to a

reasonable level of self-sufficiency, maturity, and social behavior, it is best to alleviate curiosity about

firearms, infuse knowledge about them to diffuse fear, and instill respect for the power tools that

firearms truly are. Child-like curiosity combined with negligent control of firearms by parents all too

often leads to tragedy.

The requisite level of self-sufficiency, maturity, and social behavior to attend this class is reached at

different ages for each child. I leave it up to parents to determine when a child has developed

sufficiently to undergo our Youth Firearm Orientation Class. I will be happy to discuss this parameter

with you individually. This class exposes the children to the history, development, and practical and

sporting uses for firearms. It explains the basic science that allows firearms to operate. The different

types of firearms are explained and, most importantly, the proper methods for handling, storing,

loading, unloading, and making a firearm safe are covered. Basic marksmanship principles are explained

and demonstrated.

After a morning classroom session covering the above topics, usually the class is taken to lunch at a local

restaurant and upon return, we go to our indoor range and allow any who want to experience BB,

airsoft, or small caliber rifle and pistol shooting to do so on a very closely controlled and individual basis.

This taste of target shooting gives them the confidence to perhaps enjoy the shooting sports safely going

forward and makes them much better prepared to deal with the myths, misconceptions, and

misinformation about firearms all too often existing in our culture and media. At least one parent is

required to attend the class for every child enrolled. One parent can accompany multiple children of the

same family. A maximum class size of five youth is desirable. Please call to discuss any other the details

and costs of these classes.